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Jonnie Candito JH Variant Program

There are three programs within the spreadsheet, choose the program that best suits your training goals. You add from 0-10lbs each week IF you complete all sets and reps for the main lifts (exercises that are not in italics).


Add 5lbs (2.5kg) for the pressing exercises and 10lbs (5kg) for the Deadlift, Pendlay row and Squat. The Chin-up and Dips weekly linear progression should be approached with caution! Make sure the reps are with proper form and technique! No cheat reps or quarter reps.


The Candito Linear Program is best suited for beginner/novice lifters however more experienced lifters could tailor and adjust this program to fit their level.


If progress stalls and the user hasn't made any linear progression in over three weeks then change program as this is a sign the user has plateaued. 


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Jonnie Candito Background

Jonnie Candito is a prominent powerlifter, fitness influencer, and YouTube personality known for his incredible strength and expertise in the field of strength training. Born on January 28, 1993, in the United States, Candito has gained a massive following through his informative and educational videos on his YouTube channel, which has amassed millions of views.


Candito's passion for strength training began at a young age, and he quickly developed a remarkable talent for powerlifting. He strives to share his knowledge and experiences with his viewers, often providing informative and in-depth tutorials, workout routines, and tips to optimize performance and achieve fitness goals. His videos are known for their scientific approach, backed by evidence-based research and his own personal experiences.


One of the notable aspects of Candito's training methodology is his emphasis on technique and form. He firmly believes in mastering the basics and ensuring proper execution of each movement before attempting heavy lifts, which has garnered him respect in the fitness community. Candito's dedication to educating others has allowed him to become a trusted resource for aspiring powerlifters and fitness enthusiasts worldwide.


Alongside his educational content, Candito also shares glimpses of his personal life, training routines, and competitions on his YouTube channel. His charismatic personality and down-to-earth nature have made him a relatable figure to his followers, who often feel inspired and motivated by his journey.


In addition to his YouTube success, Jonnie Candito has achieved significant milestones in powerlifting competitions. He has competed and succeeded at both national and international levels, showcasing his incredible strength and passion for the sport. His accomplishments include multiple national records and podium finishes in various weight classes.


Overall, Jonnie Candito is known for his immense knowledge, unwavering dedication, and genuine desire to help others achieve their fitness goals. Through his informative videos and impressive achievements, he has established himself as a respected figure in the fitness industry, inspiring countless individuals to embrace strength training and pursue their own personal records.

Jonnie Candito Linear Program

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