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Alan Thrall is a YouTube character and owner of Untamed Strength a strongman/powerlifting gym in Sacramento California. I've followed Alan for years; I always enjoy his YouTube content and recommend his tutorial content videos.


Alan ads a flair of humor, showmanship and accuracy in his teachings. Too many YouTube 'Gurus' take their videos too seriously and it's just boring!


The below was taken from Untamed website, this is to give you a bit of background information about the man:


Alan is a Marine Corps veteran who served as a presidential security guard as well as a “World Famous” Body Bearer at Arlington National Cemetery. During his stint in the Marine Corps Alan signed up for his first local amateur Strongman competition and this sparked a competitive fire that has led him to compete in many Strongman competitions as well as Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting meets. Alan has personal experience as an athlete, a coach, and a promoter for the sport of Strongman.


This program is very simple - it has no bells and whistles and thrills! I would say this is a great intermediate level lifter program. You train four days a week, the program last's 13 weeks and is split into four blocks lasting 3-4 weeks.


You have three categories of exercises that are split into:

  • Main lifts: Squat, Touch and Go Bench Press, Deadlift
  • Supplementary Lifts: they are variations of the main lifts such as: pauses, bands, chains, blocks, deficits, and inclines.
  • Third Movements: This includes shoulder pressing exercises, rows, and hypertrophy isolation exercises.


Each day has a specific goal and training objective such as:


  • Day 1: Focuses on your squat and bench press main lifts and pin pressing for shoulder and Delt strengthening.
  • Day 2: Light intensity day which focuses on the variations of the squat and bench press and the Deadlift main lift.
  • Day 3: Your Overload maximal effort day for the squat and bench press and bands.
  • Day 4: Change in height and grip for the bench press and the deadlift variation day.



Alan Thrall Barbell Medicine 12 Week Program JH Breakdown

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