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This program is fantastic for Novice lifters, the program works off your 5-rep max and lasts for eight weeks. You train three times per week which allows sufficient time for you to recover during sessions.


You squat and bench press three times per week, and deadlift once a week. However, you have two pulling variation exercises (Pendlay Row and Rack Pulls) which will assist your deadlift to grow during the eight weeks. The results of this program vary from person to person, however for a Novice lifter the below is the average of what my clients achieve:


  • Squat: 30 kilograms
  • Bench Press: 17.5 kilograms
  • Deadlift: 30 kilograms


However, this will vary based on gender, weight, experience, natty or not, and genetics. The above is an average calculation, it might be less. However, YOU WILL increase your one rep max personal best.


Program Overview

Tier one exercises are your main lifts, the competition lifts, then the tier two exercises are your variation/Accessory exercises which complement the tier one exercises and provide that additional volume and break through sticking points. Tier three exercises are assistance exercises designed for hypertrophy but also isolate smaller muscles and build strength in them.


1Bench PressBench PressBench Press
1Pendlay RowRack PullsDeadlift
2OHPRDLFront Squats
3Press Assistance ExercisePull Assistance ExercisesLeg Assistance Exercises


YouTube Tutorial Video

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Johnny Hazell 5RM Linear Powerlifting Program

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